How should flute beginner start out?

How should someone beginning the flute learn notes and how to play? How should they be practicing?

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  2. cconsaul Says:

    You should begin with just the head joint (the part with the mouthpiece on it) and get a good clear sound, both with the end of the head joint closed and open. To close the end of the head joint, simply press your hand against it until no air can escape. (be careful because the inexpensive flutes are sometimes somewhat unfinished here and can be a little crisp) After you can make a good round sound (no air or raspy-ness) twist the head joint onto the main body of the flute, add the end piece and begin learning your notes. Hope this helps.

  3. Resa Says:

    You should buy a book called Accent on Achievement at a local music store for flute. Make sure it is book 1. This book is for beginners and teaches you all the notes you should learn first. The book is used throughout schools everywhere for beginning bands. Not only will it teach you notes, it will also teach how to read music by giving you short excercises to play and even has a cd to hear how each excercise should sound. Once you start getting better, you can get Accent on Achievement book 2, then book 3 once you’ve finished that. The better you get, the better songs or pieces you get to play, and you can start getting into difficult classical music such as bach or mozart, but trust me it’s fun! I’ve been playing flute for years, and i play for all-state and all-county for my school. Anyways, practice very slowly, don’t try to play as fast as you can or you won’t get anywhere. When you’re learning your first notes, take a deep breath and play and hold out the note as long as you can to work on your lung capacity and your tone. When you can play some notes start playing the songs in the books and try to make them sound as good as you can. the book will help you with all the notes it has on each page. There’s alot more i can say but it’s too much, so i highly suggest getting a private tutor, it will help tons=)

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