Is a clarinet made out of ebonite good?

I wanna buy a new clarinet before I go to high school, and I wanted to know if a clarinet made out of ebonite is good. Is it easy to care for or is it tough to clean?

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  1. as Says:

    im ganna say yea
    ebonite is probably the best material around

    good for cleaning,
    caring for,

    top quality
    i reccomend

  2. Mad4Cows26 Says:

    i have been playing oboe 4 quite awhile and my music teacher in 4th hour says im really good. however i had also played clarinet b4 it and yes ebonite is really good material

  3. Lady Prism Says:

    Ebonite isn’t a bad material. . . it is very durable, gives fairly decent resonance, and is easy to care for. It can still crack if exposed to EXTREME temperature differences or if it’s dropped, but it’s cheaper to replace than other clarinets.
    However, most clarinet makers don’t use ebonite anymore. . . it’s either ABS (a plastic resin) or if it’s made by Selmer, Resonite is used.

    I assume you are going to be marching in high school, so I would actually recommend getting a student model made with some type of plastic. . . your instrument will be open to the elements and with marching, there’s always a risk of damage. Replacing it is cheaper if it’s plastic. Also, the intonation and tone quality on most plastic clarinets is lacking (compared to wood), but for marching you are MORE concerned with projection, which the plastic can provide.

    Most advanced players use clarinets made of hard woods like grenadilla or rosewood. The intonation is better (for concert season), as well as the tone quality. Wood is slightly harder to care for (it needs to be oiled, on occassion), but has a more rich quality than plastic.

    When I was in high school, I used a cheap $150 Armstrong (ABS) for marching season, and a Selmer Signature (grenadilla wood) for concert season. In college til now I’ve used a Buffet R13, but I’m also not marching anymore! lol

    I’m not suggesting that you spend an arm and a leg on a new Selmer or Buffet (you really don’t need a pro model), but maybe look into getting 2 different horns, if you can. If not, no biggie- and ebonite is a great choice for both venues. Just try different mouthpieces during concert season to try to get a more resonant, warmer clarinet sound.

    Happy playing, and I hope you find something to suit your needs! :)

    EDIT: While I agree with RJS that a wooden clarinet is better, it really depends on what your needs are. . . if you are plan to go on to college and be a music major or compete for All State bands, etc. , please do consider a higher quality clarinet than ebonite. If you just want the “high school band experience” and free tickets to football games, there is no reason to blow your money on a pro model horn if you don’t have to! (I knew plenty of kids in high school that were great musicians, but never planned on pursuing music after graduation. . . there is nothing wrong with that!) Just think about your personal needs.

  4. RJS1121 Says:

    HI there. :) I am reading some really good answers but I am going to direct my answer straight at you. Ebonite is a type of plastic as is resonite. . . I would assume they are very close in composition. These clarinets are good for marching band, parades, beginners. As you say you are going into high school. . . you are not a beginner anymore. For the best music experience, now that you are entering high school, you really are going to need an upgrade from beginner to advanced level clarinet. This means a solid wood grenadilla clarinet. I know those things are now priced “out of sight” but that does not mean you can’t afford one. The brand that is absolutely recommended by school district band programs is the Buffet brand. Most likely, many of the students you will be meeting in high school alreadly play one. Look for used Buffet wood clarinets on local classified sections. Have your mom contact the high school band director and see if any student is asking him to sell their instrument. Check with
    craigslist. org in the city where you live. eBay. This is the best time of year to find a used instrument as hundreds of kids are trying to sell to get money for college. I am not trying to disuade you from the instrument you have been looking at. . . . I am just mentioning that when in high school, you are going to be having contests, competitions, concerts and chair tests throughout the year. If you are competing with students with wood clarinets, you will truly be at a disadvantage. Hope I was able to give you something important to consider before buying.

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