A Classical Music Genius: Yohann Sebastian Bach

Everyone knows that Johann Sebastian Bach was a great composer but there is little else that most know about this man. Do you know who his parents were or when he was born? Johann Sebastian Bach quizes can reveal just how much or how little you know about your favorite composer.

Questions in Johann Sebastian Bach trivia about his birthday would be answered with March 21, 1685. His father was Johann Ambrosius. Now how many people know what this famous composer’s fathers name was? This little bit of trivia could easily stump your friends. What other interesting and little known facts about Johann Sebastian Bach could you amaze your friends with?

Do you need to brush up on Bach before taking the next Johann Sebastian Bach quiz? There are some tiny tidbits that can assist you. For instance did you know that the Bach-Haus museum is at the same location as the Bach family home was originally? What about the inside? It’s authentically decorated with material from the era that Johann Sebastian Bach lived in.

What else might come up with Johann Sebastian Bach trivia? Questions such as who taught Johann Sebastian Bach to play the organ could come up. The answer would be his uncle, Johann Christoph Bach. His uncle was the organist at the Georgenkirche in Eisenach when he taught Bach how to play.

How old was Bach when he began attending Latin Grammar School? This could easily come up when taking a quiz about Bach and the answer would be eight years old. Another question that could come up is what the name of the choir that allowed Johann Sebastian Bach a chance to sing in the services that were regularly held and in the surrounding villages. The answer to this is the St. Georgenkirche; the boys that attended the school put the choir together.

A few sad facts might enter into Johann Sebastian Bach trivia as well. These could include the fact that he lost both a sister and a brother when he was young and that he was only nine when he lost his mother followed by his father approximately nine months later. The fact that he and his brother Johann Jakob went to live with the oldest brother Johann Christoph could also come up if asked about where he went after the deaths.

An interesting bit of trivia about Johann Sebastian Bach would definitely be who got him into composing musical scores. The answer would be his brother Johann Christoph. What else could taking a quiz about Johann Sebastian Bach reveal to you? Why not take a Johann Sebastian Bach quiz today and find out just how much you actually know versus what you think you know.

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