EMI Encore Classical Music Fits Perfectly Under Christmas Trees

EMI Classics now offers Emi Encore, a budget-label series comprised of 235 CD titles; all of which make great Christmas presents. This means you can easily stay within your budget limitations and still give gifts of high quality.

The titles selected for the budget series were chosen from the rich EMI archive, which features internationally renowned artists. Each of these elite artists is highly skilled and beyond talented. The wide range of the selection is varied, offering an assortment of expected, fundamental works, but it also includes some very intriguing, esoteric titles that will appeal to a wide cross section of classical music lovers, including new fans and connoisseurs alike.

The modern design of Emi Encore is striking, as the CDs feature one of two very famous trademarks: either the infamous dog and trumpet or the little cherub seated on a disc, which is the oldest recording trademark in England and one of the oldest in the world. That trademark was registered in 1898 and has always been associated with quality and prestige.

EMI Encore CDs are a gift you can give proudly. The art is timeless and the hours of pleasure they provide are priceless, but oh so affordable. With this budget label series, it is practically like belonging to an easysaver program. You can easily build a complete library of classical music for yourself or for a loved one, in no time at all.

Another advantage of giving CDs as gifts is their small size. If you are sending them through the mail, the cost is minimal because they are small and do not weigh much. Plus, they make perfect stocking stuffers. Instead of filling that stocking with expensive perfume or jewelry, go the ez saver route and throw in a CD or two and a candle. You will find that Christmas will be more special than ever because your loved will be getting something they will enjoy and you will save money. Then, spend Christmas Day enjoying great music and the ambiance of candlelight with the one you love.

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