Why do other people hate classic music so much?

I listen to classic music all the time to help calm me down.
There are people out there that hate classic music so much that they threatened me and I’ve even been physically hit and kicked.

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  1. Exitwound Says:

    Hit them back, Bethoven Rules

  2. Retardgirl Says:

    they cant appreciate it

  3. Gabe M Says:

    Well, those people are ignorant. They think that today’s music is so great, and that anything other than that deserves an ass-whipping. I listen to 90′s R&B, and I shouldn’t have to be threatened. Also, you’re showing a strong appreciation for the people of the past by listening to classic music. Who the hell are those people to be dissing you for your interests? Shit, their music sucks ass today anyhow. You’re more cultured than they are, and they just hate that you’re not conforming with them.

    Also, find a trustworthy person, and get these guys to stop threatening and hurting you. That’s some bullshit.

  4. LadyMady Says:

    Because it does not have a beat and they can’t dance to it.
    They have no imagination and that they need words to envision the song and it’s meaning. I love classical music and I always have, it is not a thing where you listen to it as you get older. I was a wee bairn when I started listening to the Classics.

  5. river.slaughter Says:

    if people are actually attacking you over it they need to re-evaluate things a little

    but as for the actual question i suppose classical music has a stigma attached to it that its some how reserved for the upperclasses or some such nonsense personally i rather like some pieces

    i have the same problem being a noise fan/musician ive not been attacked over it but that’s mainly because of my height and muscle but i get ab-reactions over it from quite a few different types of people and i regularly have to defend the scene as a whole on the forums

  6. Starlingmama Says:

    Unfortunately in the U. S. A, our educational system doesn’t seem to think that teaching art and classical music is very important. It isn’t that way everywhere. In Europe, people are much more knowledgeable on those subjects. I wish I knew more about them. I’m embarrassed sometimes because I can’t tell one composer from another. I wish our schools would spend more money on real education instead of so much concentration on sports. Classical music is much more popular with young people in Europe than in the U. S.

  7. Nobody Does It Better Says:

    I’ve actually grown to love classical music. I think it’s actually quite beautiful and moving. But, that could be because I play the flute, the piccolo, and the fife. And in band, we play a ton of classical music and my flute teacher will give me like two music books filled with it.

    For me, I like to play it more than I like to listen to it though. As for the assholes who keep threatening you because of music that you like to listen to, screw them. There’s nothing wrong with liking classical music. What those idiots might not realize is that without classical music there wouldn’t be the music we have today, so they need to shut the fuck up and leave you alone.

  8. Earthling Says:

    Learn a martial art.
    Listen to whatever the hell you want to listen to.

  9. Kenneth M Says:

    Open a can of whoop a– on them. No one should be able to hit and kick you without consequences.

  10. Decent Says:

    I love and appreciate classical music. My favorite song is Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

    It’s sad to hear that people would do such things because of lack of compassion and understanding. Avoid them and continue enjoying life beyond the norm.

    Be blessed.

  11. Edgein Says:

    Why the hell would anyone harm someone because they like classical music that is absurd. I have loads of classical on my I-pod and often listen to it before I go to sleep. The people that threaten you probably find their pleasure from a can of tennants or something similar. they are ignorant ass holes.

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