did the guy who played Mozart in Amadeus portray him accurately?

Based on accounts of how Mozart acted in real life?

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  1. melanie Says:

    It was a bit exaggerated, as were most parts of the movie, but I enjoyed the actor’s work very much. He captured Mozart’s spirit, and his goofiness!

  2. petr b Says:

    To all movie viewers under age forty or forty-five:

    Historical ‘period piece’ movies, including ‘biographical’ ones, are movies, not scholarly history books, where research and accuracy are expected. The phrase “Dramatic License” means liberties with the story were taken, whether it is time line, actual occurrences, or overall changes or emphasis on a character trait. It is in order to make a better story (more dramatic) than the real one.

    Any quick read of a biography in Wikipedia will tell you enough to almost fully answer your question.

    Best, Petr B.

  3. Stefan K feat. Dr. Nirokay Says:

    Yes,in most parts Tom Hulce”(actor in the film)did. Look for further information on this wikipedia site. Go to contents and click on appearance and character. There you get the information and some interesting links. Enjoy it and have a nice day. And here is the wikisite:

    http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart

    Best wishes from Heidelberg/Germany. Namaste!
    Stefan K. feat. Dr. Nirokay.

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