Essential Mozart: Rondo Alla Turca (High Quality)

1778 Rondo Alla Turca, from Piano Sonata in A

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  1. rushnerd Says:

    @julliehideaway you are just as much of a tool as anyone else lol

  2. FelG1022 Says:

    People mention Justin Bieber in every video. . . We should create a new “Godwin’s law” just for him.

  3. MusicMan20061210 Says:

    Did somebody say it’s Justin Bieber playing?loool

  4. cr4yv3n Says:

    Hitman 2 had this track, it stuck in my head and i been searching for it ever since xDLovely piece!

  5. HaywarAUS Says:

    How I Met Your Mother brought me here :P

  6. Marrantefunny Says:

    Luv this song omg

  7. arabena92 Says:

    Wow. . . Amazing, without words. . . This song is so nice. . . Mozart is a genious :)

  8. lannlann Says:

    Alicia De Larrocha. This woman is a super pianist!!

  9. CrazySVUFan Says:

    why is justin bieber brought up in mozart? Mozart is mozart. . . end of story. . . . right?

  10. Lucario165 Says:

    Jesus! Why is it so hard to play the second section of this piece! :(

  11. chocomama222 Says:

    you know, as much as I dislike justin bieber’s music, he doesn’t deserve all of this hate. he’s just trying to make music, and, even though it’s not the greatest, people enjoy it, buy it, and make him rich. wouldnt you want to keep making crap if that was the way you made a profit? again, all this hate directed towards him just needs to stop.

  12. bishdnjuan Says:

    Great track, can’t help but think of the Family Guy episode where Stewie is practicing gymnastics for the olympics. . . . “It’s not gay brian, didn’t you hear the announcer. ” lol

  13. LupoBHS Says:

    @gergs4life Season 1 Episode 12 Born Free

  14. shadowdeviant44 Says:

    @seetherrr03 He’s done 9 in total now.

  15. broimnotasian Says:

    This pianist did the cadenzas properly!!!

  16. jnctf Says:

    Lovely, just lovely!!

  17. cucucachoo Says:

    @alefiret dude don’t even mention his name he’s like freaking voldemort or candlejack, you’re not supposed to aaaaahhhhh—

  18. gergs4life Says:

    @LupoBHS dexter? how what episode i love dexter

  19. snoopdogg111000 Says:

    @lolz212 And the person who disliked one more is Lil Wayne.

  20. seetherrr03 Says:

    Justin Beiber created 8 accounts to dislike this

  21. 6364gg2 Says:

    Your thingy is broken o. o

  22. LupoBHS Says:

    Thumbs up if Dexter brought you here.

  23. EclecticAndEccentric Says:

    I love most allll music, but Mozart, Beethoven (who was dead gorgeous in his younger years) and, as everyone else, Vivaldi, the old perv, are my favorites among classical music. I especially find this song uplifting, on piano especially.

  24. 1hanamoon Says:

    i love marybeth

  25. HaPPyMeGiRLCaNDy Says:

    I love Mozart. Mozart is a TRUE composer.

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