Monty Python – It’s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Season 1 – Episode 01 – Whither Canada? Recorded 07-06-69 , Aired 05-10-69 I’m slowly uploading the entire Flying Circus series. . . Got any requests?

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  1. Jemma1999 Says:

    Oh blimey how time flies! I have been watching monty python for an hour now!

  2. nogitsunefox Says:

    @Rakafeth It’s great how they went from the small crowd laughs to selling out theaters.

  3. Neosaintjimmy Says:

    1:01, lol

  4. Rakafeth Says:

    They don’t get a lot of laughs from the audience in the early shows, probably because people have no idea what’s going on.

  5. SWI0001 Says:

    why not do the death of WolfgangAM

  6. bigdaddy3k Says:

    @VoteForRonPaul2012 Sometimes I’m so stupid.

  7. VoteForRonPaul2012 Says:

    @bigdaddy3k That’s the British date sequenceDD/MM/YY

  8. bigdaddy3k Says:

    How was this episode aired before it was recorded?!

  9. TheBuffaloBob Says:

    @jlim2397 More specifically, he died when someone shoved a red-hot poker up his ass while he was on the toilet. He was gay, so I guess they thought it was ironic :p

  10. StCharlieBroadcast Says:

    64 people died on the toilet.

  11. SkilesASMB Says:

    I pray my last word on this planet will be “Strewth!”

  12. marstheforthplanet Says:


  13. 0670717 Says:

    @pitupraveen I think the other way around would be accurate since this was filmed in ’69

  14. s020015 Says:

    @P0weredByPie I totally agree what you said, but, we are living in a modern society. P. S. I concern about spellings.

  15. P0weredByPie Says:

    @s020015 – Depends on the context. Jeanne d’Arc might’ve been more accurate here, as they are referring to the French medieval heroine Joan of Arc, but then again medieval people weren’t concerned with consistency of spelling, not even their own names (consider how many ways Wm. Shakespeare and Ann Boleyn signed documents). Think of “Jean” as in “Jean Shrimpton”.

  16. s020015 Says:

    @s020015 Yes, for example, Jean Valjean of Les Miserables.

  17. AlaricxMalgraith Says:

    @s020015 Yes

  18. pitupraveen Says:

    cleese sounds like the character Col. Hans Landa from Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious basterds’

  19. bigderekkeene Says:

    @WagonManBand Wrong. Nelson actually jumped from the roof of a multi-storey building to his death. In this clip he is clearly shown embarking on his trip to meet his maker from the top floor window. You know once in History class at high school i actually heard my teacher claim he’d been killed by a sniper during the Battle of Trafalgar!!! How ridiculous, everyone knows that was Cleopatra, Nelson faught at Zarma, he led the Royal Air Force against Scipio.

  20. motherfan55 Says:

    Actually, Admiral Nelson’s last words were:”Fan, fan. Drink, drink. Rub, rub. “I saw it on QI.

  21. LilDrummerBoy74 Says:

    Its Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Amad

  22. s020015 Says:

    Jean @ AlaricxMalgraith Is a male name?

  23. WagonManBand Says:

    That’s exactly how Nelson died.

  24. BillieJean4all Says:

    Yay, Guilford<3

  25. AlaricxMalgraith Says:

    Should be Jeanne d’Arc

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