Mozart Piano Concerto 5 (Malcolm Frager, piano) movement 1

Mozart composed this concerto at the end of 1773, about the same time as the “little G minor” Symphony No. 25, as shows about as much promise of genius and fun as the symphony. The great virtuoso Malcolm Frager beautifully scales back his formidable technique to play this rather simple and charming concerto with terrific wit and a smile. Malcolm Frager was born in 1935, started studying the piano at six, and at 10 he had his premiere with the St. Louis Symphony. Carl Friedberg, a pupil and freind of Clara Schumann, was his teacher at Juilliard and trained him in the great Romantic traditon. Mozart Piano Concerto In D Major, K. 175 No. 5, first movement: Allegro Malcolm Frager, Steinway piano, with the orchestra of Italian Language Radio and Television of Switzerland, under Marc Andreae. Recorded Live at the Teatro Scientifico Del Bibiena, Mantua, 19 April 1989. Orchestra della Radio-televisione della Svizzera Italiana, Leitung: Marc Andreae Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Klavierkonzert Nr. 05, D-Dur, KV 175

25 Responses to “Mozart Piano Concerto 5 (Malcolm Frager, piano) movement 1”

  1. NickPartyka Says:

    Brilliance. Pure Brilliance.

  2. MrOtiosedodge Says:

    Sheer joy and exuberance. Not a note in the wrong place. Thank God (or whoever) for Mozart!

  3. oniteos Says:

    Mozart is still alive. I saw him playing guitar no Sitio Malhada Funda, Aurora-CE

  4. almaesperanza63 Says:

    wow this videois beautiful i like mozart adore it this is my beautiful composer

  5. ryosuke35 Says:

    I have no doubt that when centuries go on, artists will be forgotten, musicians alike, but Mozart will definitely still be played and remembered, truly one of a kind.

  6. JesusisLove14391 Says:

    Malcolm Frager is a genius. When he was playing the last part, if someone touched him from the back. . . . . . . . . he would have fainted immediately. . . . . . . . .

  7. paulcollumbine Says:

    mozart was a shredder!

  8. oldies900 Says:

    @jokeistman rofl, wtf? (balls)

  9. jokeistman Says:

    absolute wonderful,(cock) I found the piece amazing,(dick) Mozart truly changed my perspective,(balls) his music is so uplifting,(grapes). but seriously its good. (plumbs)

  10. Sappharos Says:

    The pianist looks absolutely insane! But at least he’s enjoying it.

  11. zwaags01 Says:

    ok thanks!

  12. DudeySocks Says:


  13. MrGitttta Says:

    @hughraphaeli What you say is very probably true, but in my experience some of Schubert’s music is even better at producing more complex thought patterns, without sacrificing harmony. Take this, for instance:


    I’d say that has a unique quality to it as well.

  14. JesseRiaseyfwi Says:

    huhugerade ziemlich kuschelbedürftig wer möchte mit mir chilln hab auch ne web cam

  15. hughraphaeli Says:

    Mozart has an effect on the brain no other composer has. His music is unique. Memory, emotional stability and intellectual output are all improved. His music is absolutely remarkable. While I listen to a large number of composers, Wolfgang has a particular quality not possessed by others.

  16. monykagir Says:

    Mozart is the music. . . (This said Mr Herbert Von Karajan, and I’m agree) I love him.

  17. paulatreides123 Says:

    @jscalise1 I’m on the Autism spectrum, and don’t naturally understand emotions or other social occurences that great. Mozart’s music has helped me to associate emotions to a certain feeling. I don’t think I could live without it either.

  18. 12345qazx1 Says:

    a pianist who really enjoys performing this piano concerto!

  19. edwebo Says:

    @jscalise1 you seem like one clued in individual

  20. thesadnessofhumankin Says:

    Jeez! I love this kind of music, it make me feels relax and confortable, Mozart defenately was a great and unbelievable musician!

  21. frogbuster20 Says:

    man, i feel pissed of, come back from work and had a bad day. I check internet for some Bartok, not in the mood. Then, I click on a liszt piano concerto. . . maybe later. I go to Beethoven no7; to edifying right now. Bach, spiritual, unlike my shitty day, the contrast is harsh, lets skip him for now. And then, Mozart. . . now all is good, it simply is.

  22. cometa3000 Says:

    ahh i love mozart’s piceses

  23. 6134asdasdasd Says:


  24. pantehaTavassol Says:


  25. OberonElSzasza Says:

    még 5 oldal, kénytelen voltam váltani. . . :-)

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