Mozart – Turkish March [100% Speed]

How to Play Turkish March by Mozart

25 Responses to “Mozart – Turkish March [100% Speed]”

  1. TheStardust12 Says:

    lol i was playing this at my school and i didnt notice but i had a little group of people behind me. . . when i finished they clapped and scared the cra[p out of me i even screamed a little lol

  2. CptMole Says:

    @Maximundrive More like Keyboard Hero.

  3. Maximundrive Says:

    Its like a video game the new Piano Hero!

  4. martinkong070 Says:

    What is this software?

  5. locoforCOCOZ Says:

    GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tha’ts fast!!!!

  6. ucla10101 Says:

    wayyyyyyyy too fast for 100%

  7. mrsecrex Says:


  8. Munger88 Says:

    more like 120% speed

  9. crazybigheadbw Says:


  10. TheBeatles95here Says:

    i think we need 0,001% speed to learn it

  11. l3riannaaa Says:

    Mozart. . Is a beast.

  12. fireflambe Says:

    @TheExarion if you cant see how expression can fit into turkish march, then never mind

  13. 3390link Says:

    differnt version though

  14. 3390link Says:

    lol first song i learnt

  15. hanfan26 Says:

    aggggghhhhh I meant tu3185 sorry bout that. That’s my friend dyslexic kickin in. Whoops

  16. hanfan26 Says:

    @tu8135 omg that would be soo awesome!

  17. tu3185 Says:

    this looks like a game called Piano Hero

  18. TeamSerbiaFTW Says:

    right. .

  19. TheExarion Says:

    @fireflambe I took back what I said before, but you are retarded. Please, this song doesn’t ALWAYS need expression. At least imo. I never saw how you could get expression in Turkish March. Oh yeah, and this is supposed to be part 2 to a tutorial vid, so stfu.

  20. fireflambe Says:

    @TheExarion hes retarted for saying he cant play as well as mozart, and im retarted for saying this version of the song has no expression? YOU are a retard.

  21. AntoBoesi Says:

    left hand is simplified in this version :p

  22. pianoandstuffcyclone Says:

    from 0:54 i dont know about you guys but it makes me wanna sorta kill myself.

  23. azul303 Says:

    . . . . !

  24. IllbeyourDaddeh Says:

    its like piano hero xD

  25. Twilightx21x Says:

    I know how to play this ;D

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