Carnatic Music Idol – 01

Carnatic Music Idol – 01

9 Responses to “Carnatic Music Idol – 01”

  1. 91277121 Says:

    I wish they have not copied another idol concept. We can still do it independently.

  2. indurs Says:

    thank you, thank you ,thank you for uploading this,what a treat,no a feast indeed to the ear!!!

  3. 786nassauistxd Says:

    great program, this is what real music does.

  4. shreyakai Says:

    A prg. one of its kind. . . None other channel seems to support our culture, music and rather trying to ape the western culture. . . Disgusting. . . When Jaya Tv has made a genuine attempt to bring out an interesting show which has its uproots in our culture. . . This is real creativity. . . Good job to the creator

  5. vidhya2006ify Says:

    Overwhelming response for this program thank you for this video. . . . . .

  6. seventier Says:

    Adomac– Thanks a lot for promptly uploading. This is one of the best programs Ive ever seen. Power shots of Carnatic music. . what else can you ask for? It more potent than a Bru Roast shot :-)

  7. angala36 Says:

    congratulating all involved ,can such reality shows be organized at other states where sabhas have been encouraging carnatic music for years on?–gopalan

  8. upickbest Says:

    Thank you for loading these 4 videos. Can you also load the rest of the semifinal and final videos please? Thanks

  9. carnaticfeast Says:

    Wow,was waiting for this upload!!! thanks a lot!
    great job!

    Would be greatful if u could upload the previous episodes

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