Classical Chicken

“The Blue Danube Waltz” as conducted by The Great Gonzo and featuring the lovely Camilla (c) 2009 The Muppets Studio, LLC

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  1. pontyfaxjr Says:

    2. 5 million hits isn’t enough to kill the great Gonzo!

  2. VilaStar Says:


  3. TrojanRabbit1989 Says:

    If ever their was a parody made for 2001 space odyssey, this song should be used. . .

  4. MaelFilms Says:

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  5. MaelFilms Says:

    Check out a great Henson inspired group on Facebook – “Muppet Friday!”. Join up and invite your friends. . .

  6. Ichigo66688 Says:

    i cant diside if its retarded or awesome lolz XD

  7. auntieclassical Says:

    For Classical Musical lovers

  8. redfingernails2009 Says:

    REALLY. really Gonzo.

  9. pirapamonha Says:

    muito legalllll :P

  10. ECGxSavage Says:

    like what you said there

  11. ChickenWings103 Says:

    0:54 HEADSHOT xD

  12. SuddenSparkles Says:

    Does this mean the center of the square is laying the t-bills willy nul dull she? Dulce. Sweet.

  13. cellogirlMJfan Says:

    @inurfacemusic lol i haff 2 agree dat der r alot of culturally deprived kids xD

  14. inurfacemusic Says:

    @cellogirlMJfan then i’m refereing to the other culturally deprived children, not you personaly xD

  15. cellogirlMJfan Says:

    @inurfacemusic lol im 12 and i get it. and u say were culturally deprived? XD

  16. patrick5087 Says:

    @liamcurrie28 The Blue Danube Waltz its in the video info. . . .

  17. liamcurrie28 Says:

    whats the actual song called

  18. inurfacemusic Says:

    since theyre all saying “bawk,” they should have been singing bach instead of strauss. get it? its a musical pun for you culturally deprived children. . . xD

  19. MaelFilms Says:

    Check out Muppet Friday! on Facebook Muppet Fans. . . . much recommended.

  20. spacexploder Says:

    bort bort bort bort

  21. KitsWillEYourBrains Says:

    @fulaingt just turn off the annotations, where the arrow pointing up is on the video options. Gets rid of everything “written” in front of the video.

  22. TheHyena42 Says:

    Buck buck buck BUCK!

  23. fulaingt Says:

    take the red garbarge off it, ruins it. . . booooooo

  24. ANBU625 Says:

    They should bring back the Muppets. I miss them so much.

  25. Rheesoman Says:

    lol how many hits did that recive, not enough yet to kill it. :P

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