LIBERA – DEEP PEACE (New Music video)

LIBERA’s new music video taken from their stunning new album PEACE. You can order your copy of PEACE here: tinyurl. com

25 Responses to “LIBERA – DEEP PEACE (New Music video)”

  1. Claudiamar Says:

    Esta mañana escuché esta canción en KDEF 102. 1 FM y me encantó. . .

  2. Liquadia Says:

    I have NOOO Favourites in this Group! because they all sing equally amazing! its totally unreal. Wish i was a child again and had the opportunity to be in Libera what a group!

  3. thenightsky2010 Says:

    Very peaceful. :)

  4. missfanning Says:

    that little boy is so cute with a soft soothing voice!!

  5. gerryhansolo Says:

    while the lads were performing this live at the rcbc manila, it felt like i was slowly lifting from my seat, lol! excellent album promo concert!

  6. iheartmajie Says:

    steffan and james did a good job with this one. l♥ve Libera so much. a bunch of cute, little, talented Brit boys. :) )

  7. Tomoliena Says:

    just beautiful. . .

  8. yunimaria Says:

    Such a beautiful song of them. . Really love them

  9. bigbadredsox Says:

    Well said. I too look forward to hearing more from the other boys boys and even the new boys Cassius, Mina ?? and Luke. Libera will go on. The habit of success has been well-sown by the boys of the past.

  10. mrvalsonz Says:

    Libera are great!! They are just awesome & cool! :)

  11. marshey123 Says:

    I saw them on TV. And they are AWESOME!!

  12. Chieyakee01 Says:

    i hope there’s a lyrics in this video so i can sing w/ them . but i love these kids so much .

  13. thirdtalent Says:

    Fantastic – great album – great composition – well done boys

  14. ianmac2010 Says:

    Still waiting for Amazon to deliver this. :(

  15. woukra Says:

    Wonderfull song. (Although I thought it was a completely new song. . . Turns out Jaymi Bandtock also sang this song on the album : Sing for ever. )
    But that was a long, long time ago :P
    Well done Stefan!

  16. ohioguy69 Says:

    I received the new album today. Once again the music is absolutely breathtaking. I would recommend it to anyone. The boys voices are amazing. Congratulations to Libera. I sure do hope they come back to perform in the US soon! I’ll be the first in line for sure.

  17. lothy59 Says:

    awesome, if one doesnt like or appreciate this something is wrong. this is great. . comes out today. . im getting it

  18. hermionesegstedt Says:

    Great peace song <3

  19. NGrooms2007 Says:

    Once again amazing. I love this group!

  20. liberafraters Says:

    Stefan has a great voice and now is much better as soloist, He is the mystic side of Libera, very well Stefan you are great!!!
    Libera is the best!!!!!

  21. folktales Says:

    oh so beautiful

  22. luxeshop Says:

    great new song!!!

  23. DICKDUTZ Says:

    where’s Tom. . . ?

  24. densplitter Says:

    i still can’t quite decide if i want to buy this album. . .
    it still has a relaxin quality to it, but something’s “off”,
    not quite right to convince me of the “libera sound” as before. . .

  25. tullen52 Says:

    The leader is outstanding like Edvard Day was before him

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