Sergei Rachmaninov – Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Sergei Rachmaninov – Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini ———————————- A note from the author(s): Dear, friends, I thank you for your nice comments and I am glad that you are enjoying these beautiful musical master pieces. I noticed that, from time to time, people will ask why is the image of Jean-Marc Barr on some of the clips. Well, it is a long story. Me (Mare79, a “name” from the image) and “Mayol” (a friend of mine) have made these several classical music videos during the time we were on one forum once. The picture of Jean-Marc Bar was the image of his avatar, and since all these videos were generally his idea, we decided to place a full photo of Jean-Marc in them. Jean-Marc had a role in one of his movies where he played a character named Mayol, so. . . It was just an idea at that time, but it still remained after all, since we didn’t want to remove the video in order to upload a new one without this photo and make this clip an invalid entry in your favourites playlists. So, the smaller image represents the photo of the composer. Enjoy the music, and have a nice day. Best regards to all.

25 Responses to “Sergei Rachmaninov – Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini”

  1. Raphaelito77 Says:

    Perfect. . . ;-)

  2. humboles Says:

    @Myrtle791 You seem to be confusing this with Nina Rota’s somewhat similar film score for TLOTGM (also on YouTube). ‘The Warsaw Concerto’ of Richard Adinsell is another one of this ilk; then there’s Hubert Bath’s ‘Cornish Rhapsody’, not to mention ‘The Dream of Olwen’ of course. . . it would be a brave man who claimed he knew who plagiarised whom among these last, but they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, of course!

  3. 26greenrose Says:

    Certainly loved this music. . . . very tranquil and relaxing. . . . magnificent composition!

  4. loydkoh826 Says:

    MARVELOUS music. . calm and placid melody. . . very pleasing to the mind and heart.
    Thanks for posting. . . . . . . and thanks to mbf for sharing.

  5. bassfanne45 Says:

    @Myrtle791 This Rachmaninov piece was used throughout the film, Somewhere in Time.

  6. ButterflyRedrum Says:

    I’ve heard that this song will make me cry. Didn’t work.

  7. Myrtle791 Says:

    Was this selection used by Walt Disney in “Fantasia” and called “The Legend of Glass Mountain?” We used to listen to this at the service club at the Defense Language Institute (The Army Language School, at that time. ’58-’59 ). One of my favorites. Thanks for including it. My mother used to play Rachmaninoff’s “Piano Concerto #2,” I believe it was, when I was a kid. Greatly regret not having finished my piano lessons. Envy those who can entertain with such talent. -Dave F. -

  8. macs4utube Says:

    thank God! I finally found you, i fell in love with you the first I heard you from the movie: “groundhog day”

  9. marytyrrell Says:

    so lovely

  10. rositarach Says:

    Io adoro Rachmaninov da sempre. . . è semplicemente straordinario. . . la sua musica ti coinvolge,ti porta in un’altra dimensione. . . è di un romanticismo struggente e tocca nel profondo l’anima di chi lo sa apprezzare. . . io,ne sono innamorata da sempre. . . . io,Rositarach. . . .

  11. roscanin Says:

    semplicemente sublime !! . . . grande Rach

  12. VolfMark Says:

    The clip is primarily musical. As far as I can see, nobody else had the “problem” about the “brain embedding image”. Don’t mind the image and simply enjoy the music like all these good people, that’s what it’s for. ;-)

  13. mrmonkeybuns Says:

    remove the photo of the fruit cup. . . . shame on you ,ow people will assoc. this piece with that image in their brain.

  14. hcs0la Says:

    Absolutely love this piece.

  15. bjroberts65 Says:


  16. bjroberts65 Says:


  17. felixbautista Says:

    Grandeous and magnificent melody to listen to. . . played in the film ” Story of 3 Loves” and ” Somewhere in Time”.

  18. Luamet Says:

    Esta melodia é simplesmente divina!
    Amei desde que a ouvi no filme “Em algum lugar do passado”

  19. rexbo2000 Says:

    Is there anything more beautiful that this piece of music? I doubt it. . .

  20. monicas93 Says:

    that is song for the soul. I just love it

  21. monicas93 Says:

    that is music for the soul. I love it.

  22. xxxlilgansta100 Says:

    oh i love this song i know someone that skated to this but i didnt know the name of it. HAHAH

    mao asada is skating to it this year for her exhibition

  23. pixiedustkate Says:

    i don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. this piece of music moves me beyond words every time i hear it. beautiful doesn’t come close to describing it. all i can say is well done. . . very well done.

  24. jolull Says:

    That was the best three minutes of my life.

  25. 4ngry4nus Says:


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