Sri nidhi – Wonder Kid of Carnatic Music

Here Sri Nidhi is in Madras where the vidwans tested her before her name was entered into Limca Book of records. Here she is almost 4 years old.

25 Responses to “Sri nidhi – Wonder Kid of Carnatic Music”

  1. rajabharadwaj Says:

    y isnt the volume wrkng :(

  2. vlddas Says:

    I am more impressed with the singer rather than the girl.

  3. padhunz Says:

    Poor soul looks boredddd. . . . Cutie!

  4. raappana13 Says:

    can someone please tell me WHAT is carnatic music??

  5. rillloudmother Says:

    @youisfun amen brother

  6. ArgotMay Says:

    You are worth more than ten million suns, no matter what your parents would give.

  7. XRandomXShinigamiX Says:

    oh she’s so c00T!

  8. youisfun Says:

    Oh yeah, second ragam is Mohanam and not Hamsadwani, but they differ by only 1 note, and I’d not be surprised if it was actually a confusion between names, rather the raga-identification

  9. youisfun Says:

    Amazing! This video speaks much more than the prodigious talent of the kid. It stands a true testimony to the raga- based classification of Carnatic Music, which truly can be experienced only at a sub-conscious level. Music has to evolve, but this rigorous ragam classification should not be lost. Hail Carnatic Music (and music, in general) !!

  10. thephilosopherkartik Says:

    This kid is amazing! I’m 17 and can’t tell the difference in raga bhairava and raga darbari! She has a very bright future for sure!

  11. foobarsnow Says:

    Incredibly cute kid!

  12. sennis1105 Says:

    that little girl has the most beautiful big brown eyes!

  13. cardinalrefuge Says:

    That’s crazy. What my parents would give for me to be like that! Props to this kid.

  14. artiperf Says:

    இந்த சிறுவயதில் இத்துணை ஞானமா? சபாஷ்.

  15. Bushrraff Says:

    Never! U couldn’t have done that at that age! i AM SURE.

  16. srravix Says:

    That’s a rather immature, myopic comment.

  17. nithinchinta Says:

    motha fuker at least respect the child

  18. mattdavisaerialphoto Says:

    awesome!!! I wish I could do that!

  19. sriki73 Says:

    pure genius!

  20. zaraindya Says:

    this kid is amazing. ,8th world wonder

  21. myroyalpicture Says:

    very amazing job

    very cute!

  22. desigrrl08 Says:

    yeah, like you know $hit. go back under your rock, kid.

  23. jifmusic Says:

    what shite!

  24. saawariya39 Says:

    woe srinidhi ur a wonder kid!!! i wish a brigt future ahead!!!!! reckoning varnas in carnatic is not that much easy but this wonder kid made it easy ,ur gr888. . . . . . love music,live music. . . . srinidhi. . . . .

  25. skyglobalassociates Says:

    ఇంత చిన్న వయసులోనే అంతటి ప్రతిభ చూపుతోందంటే ఈ పాప పెద్దదై ఇంకెంత సాధిస్తుందో. . . . . . చిట్టితల్లీ Congrats. . . . . .

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