The music of Barber – Adagio for Strings

Classical music for your day. Probably one of the most well-known of adagio movements within the 20th century is Barber’s. It comes from his first string quartet — the second movement — composed in 1936. Samuel Barber – (1910-1981) Adagio for Strings – 9’54″ performed by: New York Philharmonic with Leonard Bernstein label: Sony Classical

25 Responses to “The music of Barber – Adagio for Strings”

  1. happyseadog23 Says:

    painfully beautiful

  2. happyseadog23 Says:

    @dobsondale lol i hope you’re joking. .

  3. hazineLC Says:

    Epic indeed.


  4. ratlover35 Says:

    wow the music and the pictures remind me of world war 2 holocaust for some reason 0. 0 probably because i just saw the anne frank movie and music like this was in it. . . .

  5. dobsondale Says:

    such a nice bouncy tune !!! this would go well with a sort of teletubbies /rainbow type thing anyone else agree !!! its a really nice bouncy tune thats all i can say i love it thankyou its just brightened up my day !!!

  6. Mut5lu Says:

    geez. . . Very strong music. . Thanks to Barber

  7. agony202 Says:

    the thing is that everyone makes up his own fitting story with this song that’s great!
    It makes me think of myself going through a lot

  8. allesfuerlau Says:

    Just one picture, but a perfect choice! Thanks a lot, cause I was hardly searching for a good audio-version with a fitting vid and you made my day!

  9. aveory Says:

    dj teisto!!!!!!

  10. rblondie37 Says:

    Brings me to tears.

  11. CowHoofOnAHotPlate Says:


  12. BluSarahNamaste Says:

    used in the movie Platoon. :-)

  13. Talkitivedevil81 Says:

    My heart just broke.

  14. BacHardy81 Says:


  15. dengie75 Says:

    mou mou mou

  16. franbot09 Says:

    it makes me think that theres a lot more for the human race than just earth an alot more for us to achive great song!

  17. sothisa Says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing this.

  18. hornunderscore Says:

    What picture is that?

  19. smallguy2006 Says:

    the pic goes perfect with the music


  20. SADxBOY1 Says:

    2 me when i hear this song i just think back on all my past mistakes and want 2 better myself and i think about the lost of friends & family who i lost =[

  21. 6un6lord6 Says:

    Stunning piece of music. . . I love that picture. . ave.

  22. crispo05 Says:


  23. dorianrye Says:

    Que grandeza en una sensibilidad tan poderosa, gracias a Bernstein por elevar la música hasta las profundidades del adagio más humano.

  24. MultiMessyman Says:

    Absolutely lovely stunning beautiful
    I also recommend for classic musiclovers
    on youtube owatones and then especially grief and short stories and
    sakta skrider fram done by a swedish composer that I found
    PoA Sörlin Thanks and enjoy

  25. sistaspooky1013 Says:

    The life inside the heart is greater than life in itself – epic, dramatic, serious, emotional and deep
    beautiful visuals and music

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