The music of Gottschalk

Classical music for your day. It’s been quite awhile since my last video! Sorry about that. More videos to come soon I hope. Here we have two piano pieces by Gottschalk (one posted picture for each piece. . . which I’m thinking of sticking too: one picture per video). Born in New Orleans, he was musically skilled at an early age and gave his first public performance at age 11. Later on, having not been accepted at the Paris Conservatoire where he had wanted to apply to study, Gottschalk returned back home and travelled around Central and South America. At later dates, concerts were held at various places including Rio de Janeiro. During his life, his music was very popular and considered ‘exotic’, as he took various musics from around him — sounds from the Caribbean and South America — and brought them to his compositions Among his works for solo piano, here’s some lively ones. Hope you enjoy! Louis Moreau Gottschalk – (1829-1869) 1 – La Colombe – 4:02 2 – Forest Glade Polka (Les Follets) – 2:56 performed by: Philip Martin label: hyperion

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  1. NemoProkofiev551 Says:

    Oh, gorgeous piece of music there! Salon music. . . it’s classy and so darn enjoyable!

  2. ClassicsHouse Says:

    @Sorcerer88 No sorry. :( I can’t. I have forgotten.

  3. Sorcerer88 Says:

    can you tell me what the paintings are, especially the first one?

  4. zcast Says:

    I did a school research on him thanks to this :) .

  5. ptose Says:

    what is the paint of the video? it’s beautiful.

  6. designlover88 Says:


  7. elhotdogcaliente Says:

    Absolutely beautiful music.

  8. efraingonzalez Says:

    He play really beautiful, not only virtuosism, typical of Gotttschalks music. . .

  9. licoricestic Says:

    this is lovely, wish salon music was still in style

  10. joddle23 Says:

    I haven’t heard these Gottschalk pieces before – they’re beautifully played and in such great quality! :)

  11. 1400deadwood Says:


  12. tigerlilly66 Says:

    I love Gottschalk. Thanks for putting this up for all to enjoy! What a brilliant talent he was, and unfortunately like so many other great musicians, dying before 40.

  13. mkoeser Says:

    Thank you!! This is lovely, especially withthe paintings. They are a beautiful accompaniment to the music and bring it more ti life!

  14. ClassicsHouse Says:

    Thank you very kindly for watching and commenting! There’s more Gottschalk videos more toward the newer videos if you like this kind of music. The newer Gottschalk videos were part of a series called “Gottschalk Fest”. Enjoy! And thanks again :)

  15. silvercresent11 Says:

    This is wonderful to study to. . . it helps me think, haha. XD Thanks for uploading! ^_^

  16. Beaugeek3 Says:

    lol. i know what u mean lol. :P
    i bearly heard about him last year
    in school. We were studying him
    in Academic Decathlon :D


    why ?
    because of lack of curiosity . And is common admitted that only european composer do classic music . In conservatory wher Gottschalk wanted to study in Paris, the director said No i dont want an american , they are only able to build steam machines. i like forgotten composers they are often better than the common standarts . I suggest you to look at south america at turn of century.

  18. dawidmysle Says:

    Why do I only hear about amazing composers late?! I had never heard of him until someone gave me an ancient trunk full of sheet music yesterday from someones attic! I found one of his pieces buried in one of the books and fell in love :D Thanks for posting these :)

  19. ClassicsHouse Says:

    Sorry, but no. I don’t have that.

  20. Meluvsgold Says:

    Would you happen to have a fully orchestrated version of Gottschalk’s Souvenir de Porto Rico? I am just hearing his stuff for the first time and I love it. Thanks for posting this :)

  21. cyrax151 Says:

    hes my friends great great great uncle

  22. ClassicsHouse Says:

    Thank you kindly! You’re very welcome :)

  23. wolkowy1 Says:

    Never mind the 2 pics. for each musical piece! – It allows to really hear the beautiful music and brilliant performance. Thanks for uploading.

  24. mailboxgoogle Says:

    I can play it a little, but my intrument is the clarinet. I’ve been playing for five years now. Gottschalk introduced the base for rag time music. He wrote “The Last Hope” for a dying Cuban woman. It was based on what he heard when he was a child in Louisiana. It’s my favorite piece by him. :0)

  25. ClassicsHouse Says:

    ‘The Last Hope’? No, sorry. I’m quite new to Gottschalk so I don’t have much. I like the music though. . . it’s very different.

    Do you play piano / Gottschalk?

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