The music of PDQ Bach – Beethoven’s 5th

Classical music for your day. Some comedy this time from Peter Schickele. . . New Horizon’s in Music Appreciation – 8’46″ peformed by: PDQ Bach / Peter Schickele label: Vanguard Records

25 Responses to “The music of PDQ Bach – Beethoven’s 5th”

  1. MsSjofn Says:

    I love this so much. As a horn player, I especially feel for poor Bobby Corno.

  2. saintmirrenmalky Says:

    “It’s the perfect night for a concert. There’s not a cloud in the ceiling. “. This is comedy gold.

  3. Caesius232 Says:

    Very well done! I was laughing all the way through it.

  4. lamomarissaeli Says:

    @Numbuh52849 haha thats my favorite part. its soooo good.

  5. yoursaxman Says:

    Thank you for posting this classic! And thanks for NOT posting any distracting graphics- it left my ears free to get the “visuals” if you know what i mean!

  6. Numbuh52849 Says:

    “whoa!! an oboe cadenza! he must be out of his mind!” heehee “the conductor is just standing their, he doesnt know what to do!”

  7. errolv Says:

    This was the first piece of PDQ I ever heard. I was driving, listening to a classical station (KFAC) when this simply came on. I laughed so hard I had to pull over and listen. A Classic of Classics!

  8. impagain Says:

    ohmigosh, this had me laughing so hard! It’s amazing!!


  9. frozenwolves Says:

    This is insane!! I LOVE it!!

  10. philyfan527 Says:


  11. ChemicalPhoenix Says:

    EPIC! Made my day.

  12. taxmanallthedough Says:

    Enjoy the recap, young Christopher!

  13. siwalls6 Says:


  14. dcco76 Says:


  15. tsmpore Says:

    funny stuff, great play by play, i mean note by note, reporting. . . .

  16. HolyMotherofGrid Says:

    Should we report this to the composer’s commission? LOL!! One of funniest ways to teach music EVER. Poor Bobby Corno. . . . .

  17. zikne Says:

    this is one the best things I’ve heard for a while!


  18. clover002 Says:

    How funny is this!

  19. Frankacy Says:

    This was brilliant. I’m sending this to my music teacher :)

  20. cloudstrife2000bc Says:

    HAHA!!! This is really funny!! It’s like them doing commentary for a live football game.

  21. saprano1ke Says:

    LMAO This is so funny

  22. MattWindsor91 Says:

    I didn’t notice that this song was in sonata form until he mentioned development and recapitulation >. >

  23. merloon Says:

    Annnd they’re off!

  24. dancinglibn Says:

    Sounds like carrot sticks to me.

  25. firefly09td Says:

    Rock Climbing Concerto. . . . . 4 note motif

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