The music of Poulenc 1 – Three Novelettes

Classical music for your day. Similar in colors and ‘take’ on things, the piano music of Poulenc is closely related to that of Ravel and Debussy. Composed in years 1927-1928 and 1959, from his works for solo piano, here’s the Three Novelettes. Francis Poulenc – (1899-1963) Three Novelettes – 6’48″ 1) C major – 2’33″ 2) B flat minor – 1’50″ 3) E minor (“sur un theme de M. de Falla”) – 2’23″ performed by: Pascal Roge label: Decca

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  1. ccdrz Says:

    Wait a minute . . . Poulenc is on record for saying that poeple used too LITTLE pedal. His famous quote goes something like “[play with too little pedal is like] not putting the butter in the sauce. ” Also, it was my impression that poulenc’s music was more of a reaction to Debussy and Ravel.

  2. practicetoprosper Says:

    This is the best recording of these pieces I have heard to date. So musical.

  3. blast127 Says:

    His piece is deceptively simple. The texture of the piece makes it difficult to play correctly as does the style that Poulenc wished his pieces were to be played in. He often expressed disappointment in people using too much pedal, something I have trouble with.

  4. eemziezz Says:

    @eemziezz well i failed. . . did learn hands sep though =] loving the piece more and more everytime i listen to it

  5. eemziezz Says:

    I am going to try and learn the 3rd novelette in 2 days. . . almost sounds impossible. . . but my piano teacher will kill me if she finds out i havent practiced all holidays!

  6. pljms Says:

    Yes, you’re right. Why do people constantly refer to instrumental pieces as ‘songs’? .

  7. kobesunset Says:

    Love the C major and E minor pieces. The other I don’t care for. Beautiful music.

  8. Ousios Says:


  9. jenstainthenight Says:

    I LOVE these songs and I’m really happy because I got the music book for those 3 novelettes, and I’m going to be able to play them! ^___^

  10. lamorlayefrance Says:

    So French, so ethereal, so whimsical. There is the charm of humor with the blending of colors, but with Poulenc you have a more obvious and sustained melodic line which ties together the smaller pastiches.
    As always, Pascal Roge sets the bar for all French music!

  11. KoichiSakurai Says:

    I love Poulenc’s innocent and clear style so much. . .

  12. Fusiondoom Says:

    E minor Novelette always blows me away. . . so dreamy. . .

  13. chermainepianofreak Says:

    I love this piece. . . i’m gonna play this for my ATCL !! Yay !!! now i roughly know how this piece goes now. . . . thanks for posting !

  14. munroe92 Says:

    Thank you for posting these! Pascal Roge is well-known and respected for his interpretation of Impressionistic music. The standard has definitely been set with these recordings!

  15. FrancisPoulenc Says:

    magnifical. Extraordinary

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