The music of Strauss – Artist’s Life 3/11

Classical music for your day. [see 1/11 for more information about artist, performance and recording] Johann Strauss II – (1825-1899) 1) Artist’s Life – 7’57″

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  1. marrieter08 Says:

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and madame Bovary danced the night away in rooms filled with golden-framed paintings of the romantic style. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  2. Zifdom Says:

    I like it, Me gusta :D

  3. marrieter08 Says:

    i think i will cry. . .

  4. witgw Says:

    A true field of dreams.

  5. MCasinoW Says:

    @sonicblast86 Yup

  6. sonicblast86 Says:

    youve been looking for it for 15 years I suppose.

  7. Ellinidara Says:

    What a sense of peace. . . .

  8. BarbaraPloyer333 Says:

    Who doesn’t dream of an artist’s life?
    Isn’t it simply amazing!? Such a lovely piece. . . .

  9. claudiaddj17 Says:

    Ce frumos!!!!!!!!!Una din preferatele mele si ale fiului meu (care are doar 5 ani si jumatate)!!!. . . . . . . . . . .

  10. SpaceAgeOdyssey Says:

    Not only does this song play in “Path to War” as someone said earlier, but also in “Paths of Glory. “

  11. MCasinoW Says:

    Classichouse, Thank you so much,
    I’ve been looking this one for ages. (though im 15) lol

  12. markcumbriauk Says:

    download downloadhelper, it allows you to download youtube vids

  13. jhofmann33 Says:

    Thanks for posting, ClassicsHouse. A most incredible Strauss walzer!

  14. LaComprenette Says:

    Would you send it to me?I cant download this music. . . and i like it so much. If you can send it,i’ll give you my email adress,or what you need for. Pls!!!

  15. glowygirl Says:

    I love this!

  16. rsnowdd Says:

    wow, thank you, I needed this song this morning. The bluejays even calmed down outside and the clouds all cleared.

  17. medkat11 Says:

    Only beutiful things I can remember rhearing this . I can visualise my uncle Gurval and my father dancing this waltzes. I mised very much when my uncle could not go to my party .

  18. rainbowrealms Says:

    Many thanks indeed for your thoughtful, lovely postings!

  19. tkyaheya Says:

    So Beautiful! Really Awesome. Many a thanks for the posting.
    A great service which enabled us to enjoy these great works of the musical Giants!

  20. capt777737 Says:

    This is close, but can you find me the version done in “PATH TO WAR”

    Movie was so sad cause I knew what LBJ and McNamara went thru.

    Please take your wife/family out and dance to it.

    This video is saved.

  21. WB7AVF Says:

    Bellíssimo, gracias. Después de Haydn y Mozart y Beethoven y Brahms, ¿quién(es) más?. . . . Strauss. . . los Strauss.

    Desde México ¡Danke und Auf Wiedersehn!

  22. grlcyx Says:

    Wonderful! I want to dance.

  23. cscutellaris Says:

    Ah, thank you so much. =D Didn’t get the hint in the description.

  24. ClassicsHouse Says:

    I always include that kind of information. In situations like this, I’ll usually put [see video 1/xx for more information]. So if your seeing a series like this one for the first time and see video 4 out of 11 or whatever, I’ll redirect you to see video 1/11 for full information instead of putting the same thing in every video.

    Just look in the info bar up top and everything should be there! So in this case, everything will be at video 1/11. The information will be there :)

  25. cscutellaris Says:

    Do you think you could give the orchestra and conductor information? Thank you for posting this!

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